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User feedback - what you say about RiyazStudio...
This program is truly awesome!! I just bought the full version today and have had it on pretty much continuously all day (practicing vocals in between)! The sound and feel in my opinion are as close as you can possibly get to a *good* live tabla player. I was a bit skeptical about the vilambit tempos, but I am pleasantly surprised! And the price is so right! And yes, you can quote me on this.

And to think, an electronic shruti box and an electronic tabla would cost me hundreds of dollars, and they wouldn't sound as good.

I have even been inspired to pick up my old acoustic guitar again ,because unlike western drum machines,I can happily listen to these subtle, complex rhythms for hours on end.

I am loving this software. I have never liked synthetic sounds. I have tried so many music software like ***** and others and they are very tacky and have horrible sounds that just does not go with our music. I even have spent money on electronic tannpura by ***** which was about $350.00 and it is terrible,

I've nearly stopped using my electronic tabla box since I got this product I'm primaily a Hindustani vocal music student but I also learn to play tabla on the side. I like the authentic sound of the tabla bols for my vocal practice (way, way better than the mechanical drone of the electronic tabla box) I find it obviously useful for my tabla practice as well.

I downloaded and bought Riyaz Studio yesterday...simply the best tabla/tanpura tool available.

Just a comment. I think your program is wonderful and probably the best software out there of this type.

This has already improved my sense of timing so much I can hardly believe it.

Thank you very much for your much appreciated work, I was a bit tired of practicing with my old tabla machine!

I am having an amazing time reviving my riyaz thanks to your great app!! I bought some good speakers to hook up to my laptop and they do full justice to your high quality recording. Can you believe that your app provided the motivation for me to resume my classical after a gap of 15 years?