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RiyazStudio - Indian music software
RiyazStudio combines tanpura, tabla and lehra machines in a responsive and easy-to-use computer based (Windows and IntelMacs, M1 Macs and Linux via a Windows "virtual machine") practice environment for North Indian classical music.

RiyazStudio simply replays real tabla performances (now with Pakhawaj and Lehra too) in contrast to mechanical sounding software or tabla machines that set individual tabla bols at rigidly set intervals. Fine tune the tabla and tanpura exactly to your preferred pitch. Select different tabla styles - or switch automatically between them in our Semi-Classical version. Adjust the tempo on-the-fly by tapping the B (for beat) key.

     What's new?
  • Our Swarmandal let's you play up and down sequences for 100+ raags using keyboard, mouse or touchscreen. Use it to accompany your practice and performance, or just to explore the basic scales and phrases of each raag.
  • RiyazStudio Lehra
    At last! A musical accompaniment to your Tabla and Kathak practice.
  • 'Bell on Sum', Metronome and Tambourine options offer additional rhythmic support (all versions).
Practising with RiyazStudio is the ideal preparation to performing with live tabla accompaniment - first because it gives the aural cues that real tabla players provide - but even more because the organic feel of the tabla loops encourages rhythmic play and helps develop your improvisational skills.

"The best thing is that it feels alive"

 RiyazStudio Standard
Tanpura with Tabla and Pakhawaj playing classical and light taals.

   Practice examples above and right:

   Watch this tutorial at full size on YouTube

Main features:
  • The tanpura plays standard Sa, SaPa, SaMa tunings - plus special tunings for raags Pooriya, Gujari Todi and Marwa
  • The tabla plays taals Teental, Ektal, Rupaktal, Jhaptal, Addhatal/Sitarkhani/Punjabi, Keherwa, Dadra, Deepchandi, Jhoomra, Ada Chautal, Mattatal, Tilwada and Soolfakta - using samples recorded at speeds ranging from vilambit (slow) to ati drut (very fast) - with the Pakhawaj adding Chautal and Dhammar.

RiyazStudio flute practice examples
 RiyazStudio Semi-Classical
Tanpura with Tabla playing 200+ light music taal variations.


Add it to your Standard installation or - if you don't use classical taals - install it on its own. (Doesn't include the Standard version taals Teental, Ektal and Jhaptal...)

Main features:
  • Same tanpura as Standard version
  • Over 200 specially recorded variations of Kerherwa (encompassing Bhajani, Qawwali and Ghazal theka) Dadra, Rupak, Addhatal, Deepchandi and Jat.
    Covers a wide range of styles. Groups together similar variations to provide subtle rhythmic modulation.
  • Select from our existing User Settings, and create and save your own. Variation Programming
  • Further details and demo videos
 RiyazStudio Lehra
Throw out that ear-jarring robotic sounding synthesized lehra!
Bring on our live musicians playing 40 different melody/instrument/taal combinations to inspire your Tabla and Kathak practice; with over 450 melodic samples played on Harmonium, Sarangi, Sitar and Bansuri.
Watch this demo at full size on YouTube

'Bell on Sum', Metronome and Tambourine
(to add this, just download and install a latest version of RiyazStudio - even the Tanpura upgrade)
If you'd like an additional aural cue to your place in the taal (maybe your sound system is short on bass) try activating our new 'bell on sum'. You can also use it to 'keep you honest' as to whether your tihai landed on sum.

Our optional metronome can be used to give extra emphasis to the beat (of say a slow lehra), or to split a slow tempo into sub-beats, or even to support your playing of cross-rhythms.

Activate the tambourine to emphasize the strong beats of the taal.
How can I get RiyazStudio?
The easiest way to get RiyazStudio is to download it from this website and buy a registration key. If you prefer (say if your internet connection is slow) you can buy RiyazStudio on CD-ROM together with your registration key.
Once RiyazStudio is installed on your computer you'll need to connect to the web - just the once - to complete the computer licencing. And then you can concentrate on your riyaz.
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