Keyboard Commands
If the keyboard commands aren't working - just try clicking somewhere in the RiyazStudio window to make sure it's the active window.
Make sure none of the drop-down menus are selected to prevent their selection being changed by the keys.
 Key Effect
      starts / stops drone and tanpura
fades in / out drone and tanpura
 Space bar       starts / stops tabla or lehera
- hold Ctrl to play alaap before lehera
 B change tabla speed: press "B" 3 or more times at the new speed
(or hold Ctrl to toggle tanpura bass instead)
      - starts Swarmandal up (also Up Arrow Key if tabla not playing)
      - starts Swarmandal down (also Down Arrow Key if tabla not playing)
      - stops Swarmandal (first stops sequence, second damps Swarmandal)
 A / S
      Also lower / raise drone and tanpura volume:
- hold Alt to adjust combined drone and tanpura volume
- hold Shift to adjust drone only volume
- hold Ctrl to adjust tanpura only volume
 Z / X
      Also lower / raise Taal volume controls:
- hold Alt to adjust tabla / lehra volume
- hold Shift to adjust metronome and tambourine volume
- hold Ctrl to adjust bell volume
  switch to style of slower (more detailed) / faster (less detailed)cycle
(this is not available for "multi-variation" rhythms)
 Page Up and Page Down keys use the reed instrument to navigate the raag:
 Page Up       plays next usual note up in raag
Page Down       plays next usual note down in raag
(holding Ctrl plays a nearer note, holding Shift plays a further note, if in the raag)
      repeats last raag note played
Playing notes with number keys:
1=Sa...5=Pa...7=Ni...8=high Sa...0=high Ga
holding Ctrl plays non-shuddhe note when it exists in the raag
holding Shift plays note an octave lower
holding Alt plays note an octave higher
Select the instrument within Swarmandal settings:
playing Swarmandal / Reed / playing and recording Tanpura sequences
If 'recording' a tanpura sequence, press Enter to repeat what you've
played so far in a cycle, or Backspace to delete it and start again.
  K   L
In Raag mode trigger down / up swarmandal sequences (if tabla silent),
or if not if Raag mode, slow down / speed up tanpura or tabla
- changes tanpura speed when tanpura is playing (if tabla silent)
  (or hold Ctrl to adjust tanpura pluck instead)
K and L allow tempo control on mini keyboards without arrow keys
 Ctrl hold down to
- keep the same tabla sample as you change speed (in non-multi mode)
- prevent the tabla starting when you change taal
- prevent the display Zooming to fit as the window is resized
- forces variation reload on restarting play, and restart of programming string 
- hold down to adjust fine tuning in smaller steps
- hold down to adjust tanpura pluck instead of tempo
  (whilst tanpura playing & tabla silent)
 Shift hold down to adjust fine tuning in smaller steps
 -   +       lowers / raises fine tuning in steps of 0.005
hold the Shift key down for steps of 0.001
(you can also type in adjustments, then click outside the edit box
to set the tuning)
 P activates / deactivates "Pause taal programming"
 N moves to the Next stage in Tempo Programming
 <   >  ?
      reduces /  increases / resets RiyazStudio's display size
(it's better not to use these keys on a maximized RiyazStudio window)
resize RiyazStudio's window for the same effect
<   > 
      reduces /  increases the size of RiyazStudio's taal count text.
 E switch on/off extra treble tanpura
 R switch on/off Re tanpura control
 F1-F4 switch to tanpura1, 2, 3 or 4
 J switch on/off tanpura jawari
 H switch on/off tanpura harsh tuning
 1 - 0 Play a tanpura sequence:
1=Sa ... 5=Pa ... 7=Ni ... 8=high Sa ... 0=high Ga
- hold Ctrl for komal or tivra notes
- hit Enter to make RiyazStudio remember and repeat it
- or Backspace to start again
 T switch Tihai mode on/off